Since the middle of the 20th century, North Carolina Apple Growers have voted yes to levy upon themselves an annual assessment.

On Tuesday, June 27, 2023, the apple growers of North Carolina voted YES to the collection of assessment.

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The funds collected through assessment have and will continue to allow the NC Apple Growers Association to:

  • Provide funds for apple research at NC State.
  • Cooperate with the NC Department of Agriculture for marketing and advertising.
  • Provide a partnership in the NEWA weather network allowing NC growers to connect appropriate weather stations to NEWA at no charge. NEWA provides disease and pest projections using weather data from local farms and select regional weather stations. The modeling tools are available to everyone at no charge.
  • Support the Apple Growers Annual Meeting.
  • Interact and garner a voice with the NC Legislature.
  • Fund an annual membership with US Apple for the state of North Carolina which allows NC apple growers to have a complimentary membership at no charge. US Apple helps shape national policies and events that impact apple growers. US Apple intercedes on events that only a national organization could influence.
  • Provide a sponsorship to the NC Apple Festival in Hendersonville.
  • Maintain the NC State Fair Apple Booth.
How is each grower’s owed assessment calculated?

The method and amount of assessment being considered will remain as it has been in the past. Individuals may belong to multiple categories and are responsible to each where applicable.

  • PACKERS – $.05 per pack bushel – This is anyone that puts apples into a box. A bulk box/volume filled carton qualifies for this charge.
  • PROCESSORS – $.05 per hundred weight ($.021 per bushel if the fruit is not weighted) – This is any company that buys apples for slicers, sauce, juice, or other forms of processing. This would also be any roadside market that presses apples for fresh cider or processes apples.
  • BROKER – See packer or processor depending on the market. If you are a broker that markets fruit for growers and pays the grower. The broker is responsible for paying the assessment if your customer is not paying the assessment.
  • ROADSIDE MARKETS – $100.00 per year. – This is anyone that grows fruit and sells direct to the general public.
  • GROWER – $.05 per hundred weight ($.021 per bushel if fruit is not weighed) – This is any grower that sells fruit by the bin to someone such as a roadside market or farmers market.
How long will the assessment be in effect?
The assessment will be effect for a six year period beginning with the 2023 crop harvest and continuing through 2028. Each harvest’s assessment is due before the next year’s harvest begins.
How is the assessment money collected?
The NC Department of Agriculture shall provide assessment forms to packers, processors, brokers, and growers for reporting and payment of assessment to the NC Department of Agriculture. The NC Department of Agriculture will then remit payment to the NC Apple Growers Association.
Who administers the program?
The North Carolina Apple Growers Association’s Board of Directors formulates a budget/program to be used in the promotion and marketing, research, use, and sale of apples.
Will the apple growers know how much money is collected from the assessment?
The North Carolina Apple Growers Association will make an annual report at its annual meeting as required by law. At that time, the report will be made available for anyone to review.
Do other NC commodity groups collect assessment?
Yes, peaches, yams, eggs, tobacco, peanuts, Irish potatoes, cotton, soybeans, beef, small grain, and pork have all benefited from this type of program.

If you have any questions about the assessment please contact the NC Apple Growers Association.

The North Carolina Apple Grower’s Association is governed by an all-volunteer board of apple growers and industry advisors.

In all, assessment allows NC Apple Growers to have a unified voice in the protection and advancement of our industry. It’s a program by the growers and for the growers – thank you for voting YES!